Owner Gecko Spot Cresteds – On a Typical Feeding Night

Crested Gecko Hatchling

Crested Gecko Breeder California – Our Story

As an avid California Crested Gecko breeder, I have been blessed with the opportunity to successfully raise and breed different Crested Gecko morphs, including Dalmatian Crested Geckos, creamy reds, and lavenders and pinstripes. I’ve always loved animals and have never been without a furry friend or other pets. From lineolated parakeets and parrots, to American Bulldogs, Schnauzers and my precious Yorkie we have always had a pet friendly home.

I am definitely not  your average Crested Gecko Breeder. As a 50 something SoCal lady, I am a successful Digital Marketing Agency business owner as well as a Crested Gecko Breeder-those two should go together right? I’ve operated my agency for 17 years and have been fortunate to see it evolve into a successful business venture that I truly enjoy. The blessing of owning my own business is that it affords me the opportunity to invest time into the building of my crested gecko breeder business.

How Did this Crested Gecko Thing Start?

In early 2016, my son expressed interest in getting a Gecko. A Gecko? No way. Reptiles? Pshhh, I don’t think so, I was into warm blooded creatures for the most part. Well, we visited a friend who had raised a beautiful Crestie and my son was infatuated. I on the other hand refused to hold it :D. Being the dotting mom that I am I decided my disdain for reptiles shouldn’t hinder us from owning one. I snuck to our local LLL Reptile and purchased a little gray Crested Gecko my son had said was lonely. That Crestie, Smeck- enamored himself to me and I was hooked. What a cute (yest cute) sweet little guy. That was it, I wanted one for myself…and thus began Gecko Spot Cresteds.

What Gecko Spot Cresteds Offers

I want to share my love of Cresties, helping to educate others on Crested Gecko care including housing, feeding and health. To me, reptile breeding is about the love of the animal and not about making a ton of money. I don’t expect to get rich monetarily doing this…I get rewarded in the joy of having healthy, awesome Crested Geckos.  I want to share the knowledge that has been passed to me by other amazing breeders and Crestie aficionados and to share the love of these sweet creatures to bless others, so that they may have an amazing experience of owning a Crested Gecko.

I am working to build a quality collection of crested geckos that include beautiful, unique morphs with documented lineage that will result in healthy babies.