Interested in purchasing a Crested Gecko as your next pet?

Or maybe you’d like to add one of our stellar geckos to your current collection.

All Crested Geckos for sale are featured on our Facebook page in the For Sale photo album.

The reason we don’t have geckos up for grabs to the first person is that we want to make sure you and our geckos are a good fit. If you’re a first-time owner, we want to make sure you are ready for your new family member to join your household. We also want to make sure that a potential owner is willing to carry out best practices of a Crested Gecko ownership.


  • Do not cohab your cresties.
  • Create a habitat that is beneficial to a Crested Gecko.
  • Feed only nutritious foods (Pangea, Clarks, Black Panther, BFG) and be willing to offer live bugs for as long as they will eat them.
  • Quarantine any new Crested Geckos from any Crested Geckos you already own.

These are just a few.

GREAT resources for Crested Gecko care are:
Moon Valley Reptiles Crested Gecko Care Sheet

JB’s Cresties Basic Care




BUT OF COURSE!!! Minimum of 30% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment holds geckos. All payments must be completed within 30 days from the date of your initial down payment. IF you need more time, let me know, although the 30 day payment plan is default and this does not guarantee an extension. Extensions of payment plans are on a case-by-case basis. You will forfeit your down payment if you do not communicate with us within 30 days of your initial down payment and the previously held gecko will be made available for purchase again.


ABSOLUTELY (read conditions) A crested gecko will be held for 30 days once a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment is made. If you will be shipping, this is included in the 30% deposit. If you purchase a baby that has not made weight, we will hold and care for the baby till it hits 3-4 grams. If full payment is not received for a Gecko within 30 days, you forfeit the hold on the Gecko as well as your deposit if you haven’t contacted us. If you change your mind within 30 days, you forfeit the 30% down payment & any subsequent payments you made thereafter. You may, however, choose to apply subsequent payments to another Gecko. I will hold your gecko until shipping weather allows safe transport or babies till they reach weight. SHIPPING Shipping is calculated per order for Priority Overnight. We are located in Southern California. Shipping is an additional charge and will be quoted to you before you purchase. Temperatures affect shipping weather. Once full payment is made, I use discretion to ship based on the current weather temperatures.


YOU BET! Your crested gecko MUST BE PAID in full before pickup. I do not accept payments at the time of pickup. I am located in North San Diego County. I allow people on a case by case basis to stop in and ‘shop’ for a gecko.


Crested Geckos may drop their tails due to a variety of reasons. If a gecko you’ve put on hold drops their tail, this in no way affects their health. You will not receive a refund or a discount.


I absolutely guarantee Gecko Spot Crested Geckos are raised to be healthy, eating well and thriving before being shipped to you or picked up in San Diego. In case of death during shipping, if I do not hear from you within one hour of delivery notification you will not receive a credit. Our Crested Geckos health is guaranteed for 24 hours from receipt of the Gecko. Because husbandry and environment play a key role in their health, they could be adversely affected by temperature and improper husbandry in your home within a very short time. You must call me within 24 hours of receipt of the Gecko for any health claim. I require pictures and depending on the situation, a vet examination.


Unless I am certain of the sex (usually geckos over 20 grams), I will not state as such. I do not guarantee sex under 20 grams. If I don’t see pores, I will let you know, but that doesn’t guarantee they will stay ‘female’.


SIMPLY PUT…NO. Please be sure you are ready to purchase and take care of your Crested Gecko, this decision should not be made lightly. In case of death during shipping, if you have called me within one hour of receipt, I will CREDIT you for another gecko for the same price.


As the owner of Gecko Spot Cresteds, I reserve the right to NOT sell a gecko if: – I believe that a potential customer has misled me in any way about their intentions for the Crested Gecko. – If the potential customer does not display best practices in their current colony (ie: quarantine, enclosures/habitat, food offered, etc). – If I have any inclination a potential customer is not able to provide the care, time, crested gecko diet and commitment that is in the geckos best interest. – If a potential customer intends to ‘flip’ the Gecko by purchasing from Gecko Spot Cresteds then immediately reselling them. – If any of the above is relayed to Gecko Spot Cresteds or noticed on the potential customers Facebook personal page or business page, I reserve the right to refuse to sell them a Crested Gecko. – Deposits are the only verification of an agreement between purchaser and owner. – Any messaging, conversation or texting about a potential transaction is not a commitment from Gecko Spot Cresteds to sell a Crested Gecko.

FULL payment solidifies our agreement that a Crested Gecko is now the property of the customer. – Any questions or concerns, you can email me at or call or text me at 760-205-3151.